Wuxi Huayoude Machine Co., Ltd. was established 2003 in Guanlin town of Yixing with sole Taiwan investment. (was Taiwan Wenlai Huayoude Machine Co., Ltd., with over twenty years of rich experiences in large boring, milling, drilling work). The company mainly takes boring, mill, and drilling processing of injection machine, rubber manufacturing machine, nut machine, machine tool body, case, and various types of parts. The company has more than twenty sets of boring machines, gantry type milling machines, numerically controlled boring-milling machines, horizontal machining center, vertical machining center, and secondary test equipment, all of these equipment are imported. Also the company has 50 more technicians. Export of various parts reached thousands of tons. We target at customer satisfaction forever and will provide sincere services.
numerically controlled boring-milling machine
horizontal machining center
vertical machining center
gantry type milling machine
floor type boring-milling machine
numerically controlled horizontal machine
Processed products
Processed products
Processed products
Processed products
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